Message from Cllr Nick Gowrley - Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council

“There’s a lot for us to be proud of in Mid Suffolk.  Not only have we delivered on our plans to create more affordable homes, we have taken full advantage of funding opportunities to improve our environment for our communities.

“We’ve invested heavily in the future of our towns and have seen real growth in our District.  This means more jobs, better skills and successful business expansion.

“We’ve transformed the way we work so that we save money and do things in the best way possible, delivering the services that mean the most to our residents.

“Through neighbourhood plans and community activities, we’ve given our residents the opportunity to play an active part in making Mid Suffolk an even better place to live and work.

“I’m proud that we’ve delivered so much good work and I do not doubt that we will continue to play our part in Mid Suffolk remaining one of the top places to live in the UK.”