Our Values

Our values have been developed by our own employees and set out what we ‘believe in’.  These values influence everything we say and do – from our working environment to our policies, leadership, language and, of course, our behaviours.

Our People

We empower, value and develop our people to work together as one dynamic and efficient team.

  • We listen, communicate and respond to each other in a timely and appropriate way - challenging each other positively and constructively
  • We recognise and respect one another, building trust and genuine relationships
  • We develop our employees, recognising and rewarding their achievements
  • We support the well-being of our employees through fair and consistent management and the setting of clear objectives.

Our Customers

We care about delivering high quality, customer-focused outcomes with our communities and partners.

  • We carefully listen to all our communities and proactively engage with them
  • We are approachable, helpful, polite, compassionate and fair
  • We are adaptable and tailor our solutions to local needs
  • We are creative in order to deliver efficient, value for money, quality services.

Being Open and Honest

We are open, transparent and truthful.

  • We keep things clear and straightforward
  • We embrace equality and diversity, and promote inclusivity
  • We use plain English
  • We proactively provide relevant, timely and accessible information
  • We acknowledge and learn from our mistakes, and celebrate our achievements.

Taking Ownership

We take pride in our work and take responsibility for our actions.

  • We act professionally and with integrity
  • We do what we say we are going to and we aim to get it right first time
  • We are collectively accountable and individually responsible.

Being ambitious

We are ambitious, inspiring our communities, taking pride in our places and striving for excellence.

  • We are passionate and ambitious for all our places
  • We listen to, learn from, empower and enable our communities to achieve what is important to them
  • We are brave, not afraid to take risks, make difficult decisions, and challenge ourselves and our communities to think and act differently
  • We review our performance regularly, actively learning from others to deliver continuous improvement